Two Classics in One

When tasked with finding the perfect, classic, song to adapt the “It Takes Two” work to the LATAM market, we knew we had to find what classic meant to Latinos, because it wasn’t necessarily the Rob Bass & DJ E-Z Rock hip hop sensation used for GM.

So, we dug and struck sonic gold when we uncovered ‘Pongale Galleta’ from the depths of Youtube.

Pongale Galleta. It literally translates to “Put Cookie In It’ but it can also mean “Put In Work”. And we put these M&M’s to work dancing quebradita, which is a regional dance that took off in Northern Mexico and parts of California in the 80’s/90’s. The same time “It Takes Two” dropped.

We instantly knew we had to teach some of this footwork to our characters, and they slayed in our opinion, but also to a lot of Hispanics who never thought they would see their culture represented in something as classic as M&M.  (Click to read the Youtube comments).  

[ECD] Serge Flores
[CD] Guigo Sanchez
[AD] Evana Flores

Animation by House Special
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